Essential Tools in Lawn Mowing

Lawn, being the greenest part of our home requires regular mowing to maintain its beauty and growth. If you are not hiring any lawn service to take care of a turf-grass lawn, you need some tools to do it. You need to buy and own some tools because it is frequently used while the other tools can be rented as it is only needed when its time.

The latest technology uses power tools for lawn mowing like two-stroke gasoline engines. This tool varies in form and function depending on how the homeowner wants it to be done. This could either be hand-operated or electric. This is powered by a cord or by a battery. The innovation allows batteries and cords to be interchangeably used in different tools to improve their efficiency. Now, let us know the essential tools you need to know and have for a wonderful lawn mowing experience.

The most essential tool is the lawnmower. Almost every homeowner invests in owning their lawnmowers. The lawnmower can be categorized into two, the reel mowers and the rotary mowers. Reel mowers have mounted blades that cut as the wheel turns while rotary mowers cut using a high-speed spinning blade. Reel mowers could be gasoline operated as used by companies providing lawn mowing services in Wollongong, but it has also the manual type, where homeowners will just push it to cut the grass. The manual one is preferred in residential use because it gives more exercise to the homeowners. On the other hand, rotary mowers vary in size, depending on use. Mowers have self-bagging features that can collect grass clippings. Mowers have also mulching features that chop the grass clippings. Then the chopped clippings will be returned the lawn. This is a preferred feature because it saves the homeowners the need for fertilizers.

Next are the string trimmers. These could be electric or gasoline-powered. It is a nylon string that cuts grass in unreachable areas through high speed. Now, this comes with a corded electric or battery-operated which is not that loud and polluting as gasoline-powered trimmers. This is best used in trimming grass in fences and garden beds, where mowers cannot be used. If you do not like to use power tools, you can use large scissors as trimmers.

It is followed by the edgers. It comes with two models, which are gas and electric powered designs. An edger is used to trim off the edges of your lawn along pathways through a metal blade and cutting edge. This has also a manual version. Manual edgers have sharp half-circle blades, whereby applying downward pressure like using a shovel, it cuts the grass.

Lastly, you need the lawn spreader. This is used to manually distribute fertilizers, seed, and pesticides across the lawn. This tool is used for the maintenance of the lawn. It has two types, the broadcast spreaders, and the drop spreaders. Broadcast spreaders have spinning arms that scatters the seeds, fertilizers, or pesticides circularly while pushing it. On the other hand, drop spreaders, drops it through a line of openings. These tools are often rented because it is only used around twice a year for maintenance.

Tasks to Do For Your Landscape or Lawn Every Winter

Did you know that there are several tasks you need to do in your garden during the winter season? As soon as the winter season officially starts, perhaps you can get a layer of fresh snow on your ground. However, though you aren’t actively harvesting, maintaining, growing, and planting at this time, some chores are as important as the primary ones in order to maintain your landscape, lawn, and yard according to Danville Landscapers. To now some of these, keep on reading this post:

Store and clean garden tools

Winter season is the best time to hoard your tools and have them prepared for the following season’s required chore. Repair, sharpen, clean, and store and never forget to take note of which tools or equipment would have to be changed.

Eliminate and store your hoses

This task is one of the least fun to do for landscaping. However, having a broken water spigot can surely spoil the fun more. So, make sure to get rid of all of your hoses from the spigots, drain the water out, and then hang them up in the garage or shed during the winter.

Finish a final cleanup

Nobody would want to head out and clean up your yard during winter especially if you are already cozy and warm inside. This task is thankless until your each at the following spring and you have a messy garden. Get rid of cages, non-permanent trellises, containers, and cages, then clean, fix, and store. This way, you already have a clean slate for the following year.

Remove dead leaves

Have you observed some of the meme circulating on social media that encourages you to leave your leaves on the lawn throughout the winter season to give shelter to bugs and more? Scratch that. It’s basically true in theory given that your lawn is a forest floor. However, it is not. In fact, leaving dead leaves throughout the freezing season can only develop disease problems. Hence, take time to head outside, rake the leave up, and put them into the compost pile.

Keep up your lawnmower

One of those tasks that we usually fail to do is maintaining our lawnmower. If we neglect to do this, we can eventually encounter some issues about it as we do lawn-mowing during the springtime.

Prune with a purpose

When you just feel bored and felt the urge of heading to your garden with your pruners, consider aborting that mission. You should never prune just because you want to keep busy. Make sure to just prune your plants or trees if you have a purpose for it, particularly during the cold season. Eliminate dead limbs that can fall every time cold winter winds pass. Moreover, think about trimming up your deciduous trees and evergreen shrubs since this season is the perfect time for them. This is because you can clearly see the form of your trees without any leave that blocks the view. Any perennials that have experienced the cold season and look sad would require a trim as well.